Anatase titanium dioxide A-101


Ⅰ. Main standards and features

Physicochemical property of Jianghu active pigment titanium dioxide A101: Jianghu - anatase titanium dioxide A101 adopts foreign advanced production technology featured by fine optical property and pigment property, appearance is white powder and product has advantages of small particle diameter, high whiteness, strong reducing power and pure color, A101 indices are higher than those of national standard top product, product has passed SGS testing, dispersion is good, purity is high, impurity is low, product is in-noxious and chemical property is stable. Surface adopts special coating treatment which can shield ultraviolet radiation, and performance is better than those of overseas like products.

Use: Jianghu - A101 titanium dioxide is widely used, its one of ideal white opaque materials and filling materials, used in the industry of various plastics, top grade printing ink, varnish & paint and optical glass.

Ⅱ. Package

25 Kg/bag, outer woven bag with inner plastic lining, package with tons can be also provided