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Anatase titanium dioxide B-101


Anatase titanium dioxide B-101

Ⅰ. Main standards and features

Physicochemical property of Jianghu active pigment titanium dioxide B101: Jianghu - anatase titanium dioxide B101: appearance is white powder, in-noxious, chemical property is table, after the surface is treated with silicon and aluminum coating, It’ll be ground finely, so that particle diameter can reach micrometer, whiteness can be higher, brightness and luster can be better, hiding power and reducing power can be stronger and dispersion can be better.


B101 general titanium dioxide is widely used for fields of plastics, pipe (PVC, polyethylene, polystyrene and polyurethane etc.) , color master batch, rubber, paper manufacture, varnish, paint and leather industry.

Ⅱ. Package

25Kg/bag, outer woven bag with inner plastic lining, package with tons can be also provided